algorithm – by Brian Busemeyer

Cellular Automaton

Blog of Feeling Responsive Cellular automata are simplified simulations that attempt to capture interesting large-scale behavior, even as the microscopics are artificial, on the basis of a few well-chosen local rules. Read More ›

algorithm – by Juha Tiihonen

Automatic focusing of cameras

Blog of Feeling Responsive Autofocus is an essential feature in any optical imaging devices, such as cameras or microscopes. We go through the most common approaches for finding the optimal focus distance and demonstrate focus classification with several digital focus functions. Read More ›

algorithm – by Will Wheeler

Feedback Control

Blog of Feeling Responsive Rule the world with linear algebra. Read More ›

algorithm – by Pratik Lahiri

Hidden Markov Models

Blog of Feeling Responsive When ground water evaporates, dust in the clouds and low temperature gives a chance of snow. Weather and many other complex systems have many internal components (water, dust, temperature) that interact with each other to generate an observable effect (snow). The hidden Markov model is the simplest dynamic Bayesian network that models the internal of a complex system as a Markov chain. Read More ›

algorithm – by Benjamin Villalonga Correa

Pitch Correction

Blog of Feeling Responsive Pitch correction is widely used in the music industry both in real time and in post-production situations. Depending on the original quality of an artist, pitch correcting techniques can range from allowing an already good performance to become excellent (as far as tuning is concerned) to making a terrible one sound robotic and surprisingly late-90-ish. From an engineering point of view, the difficulty of these algorithms boils down to being able to manipulate independently time scales and frequencies in a signal. One algorithm that achieves this is the Phase Vocoder, which is discussed in this presentation. Its range of application goes beyond pitch correcting purposes, so more insight in the kind of problems that it tackles will also be given. An example of the commercial software Auto-Tune is also linked. Read More ›