algorithm – by Jyoti Aneja

Grovers Algorithm

Blog of Feeling Responsive Grovers algortihm is a quantum search algorithm that sclaes as O(sqrt(N)) Read More ›

algorithm – by Nicholas Laracuente

Theory of Computation

Blog of Feeling Responsive PNP Read More ›

algorithm – by Will Wheeler

Finding Eigenvalues: Arnoldi and QR

The Arnoldi algorithm reduces a large matrix to a smaller one to simplify finding the largest eigenvalue(s) by the QR method, which is the standard way of finding eigenvalues. Read More ›

algorithm – by Matt Zhang

Adaptive Boosting (AdaBoost)

Blog of Feeling Responsive AdaBoost is a systemmatic way to construct a complicated model (strong learner) by combining many copies of a simple model (weak learner). Each simple model is fit to a reweighted data set, where unexplained data have higher weights. Read More ›

algorithm – by Alex Munoz

Fractal Compression

Blog of Feeling Responsive Fractal compression uses self-similarity in images and functions to reduce the redundant content. This technique takes redundancies and stores them as affine transformations with a set of coordinates. Read More ›