algorithm – by Yubo 'Paul' Yang


Blog of Feeling Responsive Meltdown is a hardware exploit that allows an unprivileged user to access system memory. Read More ›

algorithm – by Yubo 'Paul' Yang

Marching Cubes

Blog of Feeling Responsive Marching cubes is a Classic algorithm for isosurface extraction. It utilizes efficient table lookups to extract a 2D isosurface from 3D volumetric data. The isosurface is represented in terms of a collection of triangles, which are easily rendered by graphics hardware. Although marching cubes is a rather dated algorithm, it demonstrates much of the concepts behind modern rendering approaches. Read More ›

algorithm – by Eli Chertkov

Phase transitions in random satisfiability problems

Blog of Feeling Responsive This talk is about an application of the statistical physics of phase transitions to the analysis of a class of NP-complete computational problems. Read More ›

algorithm – by Kiel Williams

Relaxation Methods in the Solution of Partial Differential Equations

Blog of Feeling Responsive How can we use a simple conceptual approach to numerically solve a nontrivial PDE? Read More ›

algorithm – by Ben Pranther

Hash Function

Blog of Feeling Responsive Google achieved the first collision of SHA-1 Read More ›