algorithm – by Brian Busemeyer

Evolutionary algorithms

Blog of Feeling Responsive Evolutionary or genetic algorithms are optimization algorithms that are inspired by the evolution of life. They work by identifying the good parts of different suboptimal solutions, and attempting to combine them to make newer better solutions. Read More ›

algorithm – by Ben Prather

The Barnes-Hut Algorithm

Blog of Feeling Responsive The Barnes-Hut algorithm approximately solves the N-body problem using only O(N log(N)) time Read More ›

algorithm – by Jyoti Aneja

Grovers Algorithm

Blog of Feeling Responsive Grovers algortihm is a quantum search algorithm that sclaes as O(sqrt(N)) Read More ›

algorithm – by Nicholas Laracuente

Theory of Computation

Blog of Feeling Responsive PNP Read More ›

algorithm – by Will Wheeler

Finding Eigenvalues: Arnoldi and QR

The Arnoldi algorithm reduces a large matrix to a smaller one to simplify finding the largest eigenvalue(s) by the QR method, which is the standard way of finding eigenvalues. Read More ›