algorithm – by Yubo 'Paul' Yang

Marching Cubes

Blog of Feeling Responsive Marching cubes is a Classic algorithm for isosurface extraction. It utilizes efficient table lookups to extract a 2D isosurface from 3D volumetric data. The isosurface is represented in terms of a collection of triangles, which are easily rendered by graphics hardware. Although marching cubes is a rather dated algorithm, it demonstrates much of the concepts behind modern rendering approaches. Read More ›

algorithm – by Eli Chertkov

Phase transitions in random satisfiability problems

Blog of Feeling Responsive This talk is about an application of the statistical physics of phase transitions to the analysis of a class of NP-complete computational problems. Read More ›

algorithm – by Kiel Williams

Relaxation Methods in the Solution of Partial Differential Equations

Blog of Feeling Responsive How can we use a simple conceptual approach to numerically solve a nontrivial PDE? Read More ›

algorithm – by Ben Pranther

Hash Function

Blog of Feeling Responsive Google achieved the first collision of SHA-1 Read More ›

algorithm – by Alex Munoz


Blog of Feeling Responsive PageRank is an integral part of Google’s search engine horsepower, but the mathematics behind it can describe the properties of general directed networks by weighing the importance of singular nodes. Read More ›