algorithm – by Dot Silverman

Crocheting Hypberbolic Surfaces

Blog of Feeling Responsive Simple stitch algorithms can help us visualize and physically understand hyperbolic shapes. Read More ›

algorithm – by Ben Prather

Shor's Algorithm

Blog of Feeling Responsive An informal description of Shor's algorithm for factorization by a quantum computer. Read More ›

algorithm – by Kiel Williams

Numerical ODE Solutions

Blog of Feeling Responsive Comparison of Common Algorithms for the Solution of ODE Problems. Read More ›

algorithm – by Matt Zhang

Predict Seizure with EEG

Blog of Feeling Responsive Seizure can be extremely dangerous in the wrong situations and a lot less harmful with the right preparations. With advances in non-invasive brain monitoring technology such as electroencephalogram (EEG), we may be able to predict seizure an hour before it happens. Read More ›

algorithm – by Yubo "Paul" Yang

Particle Swarm Optimization

Blog of Feeling Responsive Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) is a nature inspired optimization algorithm. PSO mimics the behavior of a flock of birds looking for food source. Read More ›