algorithm – by Mayisha Zeb Nakib

Graphing Directional Connectivity in FMRI

Understanding FMRI Data through PageRank Read More ›

algorithm – by Yubo "Paul" Yang

Linear Sum Assignment

Blog of Feeling Responsive The Linear Sum Assignment Problem (LSAP) is a combinatoric optimization problem with many practical applications. An elegant solution was proposed in 1955 by Kuhn and lovingly dubbed "The Hungarian algorithm". This polynomial-scaling algorithm is sometimes credited as the predecessor to primal-dual linear programming approaches. Read More ›

algorithm – by Kevin Ly


Finding Integer Relations Read More ›

algorithm – by George Wong

Understanding COVID-19 with non-markovian & agent-based models

Using non-markovian and agent-based models to understand the spread of COVID-19 in Illinois Read More ›

algorithm – by Kevin Ly


Image dithering / digital halftoning Read More ›