algorithm – by Kevin Ly


Image dithering / digital halftoning Read More ›

algorithm – by Matt Zhang

Polarization Modeling

Modeling polarization in online communities Read More ›

algorithm – by Chad Germany

Simulated Annealing

Blog of Feeling Responsive A global minimum/maximum can be found amoungst local minima/maxima Read More ›

algorithm – by Will Wei

Deep Learning Partial Differential Equation (PDE)

Blog of Feeling Responsive PDE solution can be learned by neural network. Read More ›

algorithm – by Yubo "Paul" Yang

Compressive Sensing

Blog of Feeling Responsive Compressive sensing takes advantage of sparsity to reconstruct full signal from sparse samples in a way that is not limited by Nyquist-Shannon. It effectively performs compression at the time of sensing so that few detector/sensors are needed. It has many practical applications such as single-pixel camera, digital-to-analog conversion, and lattice dynamics in atomic simulations. Read More ›